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Lil Dove:Our Wish

Made from the heart

Lil Dove Newborn BIRTHday cakes was born from a wish to share the unique experience of celebrating your baby's true first BIRTHday. 

The day our son was born we had a small celebration in our hospital room with cake and alcohol free champagne. We sang happy birthday and toasted to his bright future. It has become one of my most cherished moments from that time. I still watch the video of us singing our newborn baby happy birthday and am flooded with joyful emotions and get tears in my eyes. 

It was such a beautiful way to pause and mark the occasion that I wanted everyone to be able to have this experience. I began making BIRTHday cakes for my friends and their newborn babies. They had such strong positive responses that it propelled me to establish Lil Dove gift hampers. It is my wish to help touch the hearts of families with this magical BIRTHday celebration!

xx Lizzie Dove xx

Lil Dove family and baby zero birthday cake

Word of Mouth

"I loved receiving a Lil Dove Cake the day I gave birth to my daughter. We loved celebrating her very first birthday with such a pretty and delicious cake!"
"This was such a cute idea. I bought one for my cousin who was booked in for a caesarean. She absolutely loved coming into her room right after her c-section and having this special little celebration. Safe to say her husband enjoyed the cake more!"
“Celebrating with our BIRTHday cake the evening our daughter was born is easily one of my most favourite moments from the hospital. The memory of singing her happy birthday for the very first time, with this beautiful (and delicious) cake, still brings tears to my eyes!

- Emily Pollard - 

- Sara Borschmann - 

- Hayley Shaw - 

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